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Reasons why synthetics/polyester is not good for health?

Polyester and synthetics, especially for sportswear are proven through scientific testing, to retain and grow certain bacteria very quickly, while cotton does not and remains fresh and cleaner as a result. Yes, cotton will take a little longer to dry but they are not a sweat bacteria breeding ground like polyester is. So although polyesters and other synthetics wick away moisture, what remains in synthetic fibres are sweat bacteria’s, which very rapidly stink. So in hot humid climates, you can imagine this is most unpleasant and not sanitary. Cotton and natural fibres do not breed bacteria as synthetics do. So for everyday clothing and general health natural fibres are far preferable. For synthetic sports clothes, the advice is to wash the same day, if possible, or as soon as can, due to retention of bacteria which rapidly smells.

 Is there a way to tell the difference in polyester? I feel that fabric labels never say things like 100% polyester, without getting into the differences.

Do you know what weaves of silk are better for heat? Or is it just anything matter in your opinion?

Does it seem that all polyester foster stinky bacteria? They're ways to tell the difference in polyester.

You are pretty unlikely to find athletic polyester in office-wear and vice versa. Also, athletic polyester may wick moisture away from your body to a point, but ultimately still won't be the best at drying and presumes that you aren't sweating in it for few hours. I sometimes sleep in my old athletic shirts and on sweaty nights will wake up in the morning cold and wet. It's still better than traditional polyester pyjamas, though, which feel like being wrapped in plastic wrap.

Polyester is used for office-wear due to being cheap and quick to mass produce, not because it's comfortable or flattering. If you have the luxury of being able to choose natural fibres, I would try to build your wardrobe in that direction for your comfort. Even lightweight wool will keep you cooler than many polyesters.

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