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News on Lifestyle and Healthy Clothing Choices

News on Lifestyle and Health - Go green, save the environment. 

Hello Everyone, Welcome to our Blog-1. In this blog, we will provide lifestyle choices and better health practices in clothing. Having had personal experiences in dealing with diseases myself, (and overcoming them i.e. reversing diabetes), I am doing a lot of research done by people who think differently, into healthy foods, intermittent fasting, and benefit of new emerging trends in healthy lifestyle choices in foods or clothes. We will share new researches by world-renowned researchers who are exploring new pathways, in alternative health choices. We promote healthy living, organic farming, organic cotton clothes, especially intimate wear.

When we think of our Earth's pollution, we think of big oil companies and smog from industries. The truth is, the fashion industry is one of the central polluting industries in the world. Not only is clothing production harmful to our planet, but the process, dying etc. also kills thousands of farmers and producers each year due to chemicals and waste.

Gratefull, new brands are becoming increasingly mindful and are utilizing more eco-friendly production methods, including low-impact natural dying. Natural materials, growing organic pesticide-free cotton is now becoming the trend. Check out these our eco-friendly clothing labels for sustainable fashion finds.

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